CEO/C-Suite Consulting

Working with CEOs or executives at the C suite level requires a set of special skills in order to help them achieve their business goals. For most owners and executives, growth, profitability equity and sustainability are the hallmark deliverables for their companies and corporations. Joel works with these executives to help them achieve their goals in each of these areas.

Small and Mid-Size Business Consulting

Small and mid-size businesses require a unique menu of executive leadership services to allow them to thrive and sustain. These companies have all achieved some level of profitability, but they inevitably struggle with challenges of scaling and increasing their sector penetration and range. Joel provides critical business consulting to these companies including capital acquisition, talent acquisition, management development, digital optics, and marketing initiatives.

Business and Career coaching for Professionals

Joel provides master coaching for Professionals at all levels focusing on career development, career management, and career transitions Many complex issues arise in one’s professional life and master professional coaching enables specific and effective solutions for these challenges throughout the arc of one’s career.

Family Owned Business Consulting and Advisement

One of Joel’s professional specializations is providing business consulting to family owned companies. Given his background in psychology, Joel understands that at the heart of every family owned company there is a biological family. Thus, executive consulting in this sector is characterized by an understanding of the way in which family roles and dynamics interact with business roles and dynamics to produce a unique and complex mix of factors which can have a major impact on a company’s profitability, equity and succession planning.

Business Partner Disagreement Mediation and Resolution

One of Joel’s primary professional specializations is resolving business partner disagreements using conjoint executive consulting and, if necessary, mediation services to help companies and their owners maintain stability, profitability, and avoid damaging and destructive litigation. Joel has successfully mediated numerous business partner disagreements, working individually or in collaboration with trusted attorney colleagues.

Joel Law Firm

Proprietary Growth Program for Law Firms

One professional specialization Joel has been offering for many years is his proprietary program for small law firms This program assists younger associate attorneys in developing their individual practices, improving their professional optics, ensuring their long-term professional success and adding substantial equity to the firms who employ them.


Joel is the host and producer of the national podcast Career Lab featuring America’s career counselor Julie LaCroix. Julie and Joel have been colleagues for years, actively consulting successfully on many business engagements.

In this podcast they help adults of all ages work through complex career challenges, from early career launch issues to sophisticated mid career transitions. Using their knowledge, insight, charisma and rapport they understand their guests at a deeper level, stimulate their career growth and provide useful lessons for all of us on career development choices and career arc transitions and achievements.

You can find the podcast on iTunes.