Joel Siegel PhDJoel Siegel Ph.D. provides a full suite of executive leadership services to his business clients, ranging from start ups and small cap management teams to C-Suite executives and CEO’s. Joel works with small to midsize companies experiencing significant growth, as well as specializing in working with family owned businesses, founder owner companies, and a wide variety of other professionals involved in complex career Dynamics, decisions and transitions.

Throughout a long and successful career as a business consultant, psychologist, entrepreneur, and music producer, Joel’s experience and success have allowed him to understand what makes a successful person, a rewarding project, and profitable, sustainable company. Joel provides executive leadership services in areas such as growth planning, profitability consulting, capital acquisition, talent acquisition, delineating corporate vision and refining branding messages. Working with executives and other professionals who are in transition is an important professional specialization for Joel, who guides these individuals through the complex turn into a successful arrival there next professional destination

With family owned companies Joel works with the progenitor generation to help them both sustain wealth and profitability and with the younger generation in integrating them into executive roles within the family corporation. Joel builds family councils as an adjunctive governance body in every family business engagement, and uses a variety of tools to diminish the impact of family relationships and dynamics on the functioning of the business, so that family owned companies continue to profit and sustain themselves multi generationally.

Joel specializes in mediation of business partnership disputes, so that even if a business partnership can no longer be sustained the issues involved are resolved so that litigation and the evisceration of equity is avoided

Working with a variety of law firms, Joel utilizes a proprietary program in the development of practice building by the associate attorneys at the firm.

Previously Joel was a corporate executive with Samissa healthcare, the nations largest private psychiatric corporation, and an administrator at Rancho Park Hospital, Alvarado Parkway, Institute, and Charter hospital San Diego Joel was also head of strategic services at CUSTOMatrix, a large multidisciplinary consulting firm.

During his years as a clinical psychologist, Joel was a member of the American Psychological Association and California Psychological Association. He was the first Psychologist named to sit on the executive committee of a California hospital.

Currently Joel is a member of the International Coach Federation – and San Diego Professionals Team

He is the master facilitator and on the Board of Directors of San Diego Professionals with Purpose

Joel is also a member of The Trusted Advisors –

Finally Joel is a group chair of San Diego chapter of Highrise networks

Joel received his BA from The University of Michigan, and his MA and PhD from United States international University

Joel does not provide any psychological services, and is not a licensed psychologist. If you or someone in your company wants any psychological service Joel will be happy to refer you to a licensed practitioner whom you may engage If in the provision of Business Consulting Services a client feels issues need to be addressed in a psychotherapeutic setting, Joel will recommend licensed vendors whom a client make contact at their discretion.