Executive Leadership Services

Small and mid-size companies, closely held businesses and founder/owner companies require a unique menu of executive leadership services to allow them to thrive and sustain. These businesses have all achieved some level of profitability, from modest to robust, but they are inevitably struggling with challenges of scaling their businesses and increasing their sector penetration and range. Joel provides critical executive leadership services to these companies including capital acquisition, talent acquisition, management development, delineating corporate vision, refining digital optics and branding messages as well as bringing his expertise in media to the marketing initiatives of many of the companies with whom he works.

CEOs of founder/ owner companies also experience unique challenges. In many instances they have built successful companies primarily on the strength of a unique idea, service, product or value proposition and are experiencing considerable success in the market. However, they are not trained in the intricacies of executive management, and Joel provides executive leadership services to help these CEOs become confident and competent executives as well as brilliant entrepreneurs.

Below is a work sample of executive leadership services provided by Joel in this sector.

Executive Leadership Services: A National Retail Furniture Company

  • Hired a new project manager for the company website
  • Reviewed employee engagement strategies, and helped manage annual reviews and restructure employee roles and responsibilities within the corporation
  • Provided conflict resolution, i.e. employee vs. employee, employee vs. owner for this corporation
  • Produced the corporation’s new TV commercial
  • Researched the transition of digital platforms into two sites, one primarily branded and one primarily e-commerce and managed the development of this project
  • Vetting, interviewed, hired and developed new outside salesforce for this furniture company
  • Brought in digitally proficient technical employees for the company’s website, and on-line customer service division
  • Resolved power imbalances in the co-owner relationship