CEO / C-Suite Executive Coaching

Working with founder owners CEOs or executives at the C suite level requires a set of special skills in order to help them achieve their business goals. For most owners and executives, growth, profitability equity and sustainability are the hallmark deliverables for their companies and corporations. Joel works with these executives to help them achieve their goals in each of these areas.

In addition Joel deliver specific strategic leadership interventions designed to help CEOs actually function more effectively as a CEO, which requires them to capture the vision of the company and articulate it to the employees and to the marketplace. In addition, executive leadership coaching helps CEOs allow competent managers and management teams to do their jobs effectively while focusing on the big picture issues that CEOs are supposed to be dealing with, including profitability, equity, M&A, ethics, and sustainability. Finally, in executive coaching Joel shows CEOs how to develop a company culture which delivers employee engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

Below is a work sample of the professional services Joel has provided in this area.

CEO/C-Suite Coaching: An International Biotech Company

  • Provided executive leadership services to the Chief Financial Officer
  • Worked with the CFO through her acquisition of a new financial team which was a highly complex, rigorous and challenging developmental task for the corporation at large
  • Provided executive leadership coaching to the CFO regarding her relationship with the CEO in which numerous strategies interventions were designed so the CFO could help the CEO push forward a best practices agenda throughout various functions of the company
  • Worked with the CFO in planning the executive management team structure of the company in terms of developmental changes to that management structure which would critically affect company growth and profitability
  • Worked with the CFO to address business productivity and profitability within various sectors of the corporation and drove successful solutions and allowed different sectors to increase their profitability respectively