Professional Development and Transition Coaching

One of Joel’s primary professional specializations is in the area of professional transition coaching. Working with clients based in San Diego, Newport Beach and nationally Joel provides a well developed and benchmarked protocol for helping professionals who need or want to move from their current professional space and land successfully at a new professional destination.

Transitions take many forms. Some professionals who have already achieved certain goals still want to pursue meaningful, remunerative work, whether it’s in their primary professional area, or whether it’s the fulfillment of something else they’ve always wanted to do, and have been passionate about and now have the opportunity. Other professionals are facing challenges in their current professional environment and want to make a change to a different job in the same sector or potentially move into an adjacent professional segment or a totally different career field. Joel coaches these professionals to help them achieve the change they are contemplating, and helps them insure success in the next chapter of their professional future.

However, many of the professionals Joel coaches are not contemplating a transition but simply want to get more out of their current position and work. In this context, Joel helps these professionals solve complex work challenges which are impacting their engagement and fulfillment in their current job as well as helping them examine the arc of their professional career in terms of how their current work is related to where they want to go professionally, what they ultimately want to achieve, and the life they want to build for themselves and their families.

Professional Transition Coaching: A well known C-suite recruiter’s transition into consultancy

  • Coached this professional to understand why, although he had held several high-level recruiting positions with nationally known companies and was currently employed in such a capacity, he was experiencing a lack of satisfaction in his professional environment
  • Helped this professional identify what the primary proportional dimensions of a more appropriate, nationally known company would be for him in order to transition him to a more optimal professional location
  • Assisted this professional in strategy, assessment, documentation and interview preparation, all of which resulted in his attaining a position with a more appropriate nationally known company
  • The alignment of this professional and his new company, its goals, values and culture provided a stable, durable and successful period of employment for this professional during which he achieved professional goals and built wealth in this context
  • The professional returned for transition coaching because he felt fatigue in the corporate environment and moreover assessed that he could provide recruitment services at a high level to a variety of companies and be well remunerated, as well as feeling more complete professionally if he were to establish an independent consultancy in this area
  • Helped this professional in all aspects of the preparation and development of digital platforms, social media optics, professional documentation and launch of his new consultancy in recruitment
  • Continued to work with this professional as he built his independent consultancy into a major entity, now functioning at a high level, producing both economic and personal satisfaction for this professional in a way he had not experienced previously