Many of the companies I work with are growing, vital enterprises. As they increase their range of business, their productivity and profitability they find that their project management software is insufficient to manage this growth either on the sales end, in the production side, or both. Also, often times young companies discover that their project management software does not have the requisite open optics between the major divisions of the company including sales, operations and financial services because these elements were developed at different times and don’t integrate well together. Thus, one of my responsibilities as an executive leadership provider is to help the company select and onboard a new project management software system which will help them integrate all of the above-mentioned departments and functionality within one software umbrella that delivers the best optics and productivity for the company. While there are a number of good systems out there, it’s important to thoroughly understand the company’s needs, vet through the various systems and their specific applicability and unique parameters relative to the company’s needs, as well as their price points to arrive at a best practices solution for each company. Sometimes an intermediary vendor is vetted and hired as well to help with the actual onboarding process, depending upon the level of data loading and the particular concentration of each company relative to sales, operations and financial services.

This process is complex, and it can be stressful for all involved. However the effective selection, onboarding and completion of this project usually provides a growing company with a much cleaner, hard hitting, effective tool for understanding the primary metrics of their business in all areas, and thus delivering a better customer experience for their end users as well as a more effective, conciliatory workplace for their employees.

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