Hiring High-Quality Executives

A lot of the companies I work for ask me to help them with bringing on new talent, and therefore, hiring high-quality executives has become something of a specialization for me. I have noticed in hiring for a number of companies that finding great candidates is, in part, a measure of one’s ability to sort through the multiple submissions that a company usually gets for every position availability. I am going to give you a couple of quick guidelines for dealing with multiple submissions for available positions at a company.

  1. If there is a cover letter, read it. Oftentimes cover letters can reveal things about an applicant which are not revealed in the formal section of the resume, and this can be helpful toward making a decision.
  2. Look at the applicant’s length of employment at his or her various previous positions. The longer the employment in a position, in general, the better and more stable the employee has been in that capacity.
  3. Look for specific skill sets in the resume. If the potential employee’s CV lists specific skills and things they are able to do, this will be helpful in coordinating those with the actual activities of the job and make it easier to select candidates for interview who fit the profile better.

Following these guidelines can help you select from a talent pool for your available position which will lend itself to a better hire.

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