Doing the Best Job Means the Job is Done

Wow, that’s a catchy phrase. “Doing the best job means the job is done.” What does that phrase mean for executive leadership coaches? Essentially, it means that success in an executive leadership engagement working with a company to help improve their performance, profitability, culture, human services means when that when that work is achieved the executive leadership coaches’ services are no longer needed and guess what…that’s exactly what we as executive leadership coaches need to strive for. Sure, you may have an engagement with a company where they may ask you to do some additional work and that’s fine but when you’ve completed primary work you were hired to do, if you complete that work successfully essentially your role is complete and the job is done.

Too many times executive coaches bemoan the end of their engagements because (1) they like their clients and they enjoy working there; (2) they receive significant remuneration for these services. That’s not the point. We are hired to come in and do a specific job and if we do that job successfully we need to feel grateful and a great sense of satisfaction that we were given the opportunity to help a company improve in some particular parameter and we did so successfully. So, at the end of the day the formula looks something like this: A good outcome equals the successful accomplishment of the objectives of the engagement and that means the job is done!

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