Proprietary Growth Program for Law Firms

One of the challenges small law firms face it’s how to grow their business footprint in a highly competitive sector Part of the problem in this context is that the younger, associate attorneys of these firms tend to work on matters, and provide case work originating from the principal of the firm While this is a critical aspect of their functioning, and allows the firm to accept more cases, it also limits the development of these younger associate attorneys into more competent, complete independent practitioners It also limits the equity building of the firm, which would profit from new cases brought to the firm by its associate attorneys.

In response to this situation Joel developed a program using proprietary digital instrument This program helps associate attorneys develop, track, monitor, and enhance their individual professional networks, thus promoting referrals to them and their firms The results of this program have been highly impressive and have delivered increased equity to the firms who employ these associate attorneys, while allowing these young practitioners to develop their own independent professional identities within the context of the firms for whom they work.